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GR - 230 w 7 r D230 beam moving head light
Voltage/Voltage: 100 v ~ 240 v / 50 ~ 60 hz
Town flow: electronic ballast
SP - D230 bulb/Lamp: osram 230 w 8000 k platinum MSD7R discharge Lamp
SP - D200 af must not be light bulb/Lamp: PHILIPS 5 r 200 w
Lamp Life [Acerage Life: 2000 hours
Power (Power Consumption) : 230 w / 200 w flux is 200 lm, color WenKeDa 8000 k.
230 w elves platinum beam moving head light (buttons and touch used at the same time)
Buttons and touch the menu control can be used at the same time, LCD liquid crystal display touch
Elves beam moving head light characteristics: it looks more like a laser light sharp, concentrated beam of light
New design of the optical components: brightness is equivalent to the power of the nine times; Natural light beam Angle: 0-3.8 °
14 kinds of color can be changed for color piece wheel, contains 17 replaceable design pattern wheel, 20 or 16 channel selection pattern.
Dot matrix display, four light touch switch, reversing 180 ° display. The native menu contains "this" automatic detection function
Ethernet control preparation; With state error of electronic monitoring; The cooling system monitoring; All functions channel DMX level monitoring
The internal data transmission diagnosis; Upgrade the firmware without power; By an amount to another desk lamp to upload the firmware
Built-in microphone to realize acoustic effect; Round effect: rotating lens, mobile effect, atomization function.
Lens optional hd HQ projection lens and Fresnel lens; Rainbow effect; Design of water effect; Design of vibration effect
With the function of light and switch bulb special effects; Run independently and with the function of master-slave
Machinery dimmers 0-100% dimmer, support mechanical stroboscopic and adjustable speed stroboscopic effect, frequency ShanHong support functions.
Soft light filter; The lens group of optical system, electric focus;
Using photoelectric reposition system, after the misoperation accident happen, can automatically retrieve reset.
Level 540 °, 8 bit / 16 bit resolution; 270 ° vertically, 8 bit / 16 bit resolution.
Overheating protection. The standard configuration of electronic rectifier. Inductance ballasts and AC/DC switching power supply.
Product Size [Carton Size] : 330 * 390 * 490 mm
Net weight [man] : 17 kg

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